Monday, September 27, 2010

Managing health during pregnancy...

My wife has just entered her 7th month of pregnancy. It ‘s a given that, the nine months of your pregnancy our crucial. There’s too much at stake to slip up...

Everything spanning from eating habits, exercise routine, medication to weight needs to be taken care of.

Understanding that in our busy lives today, ‘taking care of ourselves’ is also viewed as an overhead – Keeping a track of doctor’s prescriptions, visit dates, ultrasound reports and locating them when you need the most may become stressful.

There should be a simple way in which a person can store all her reports, prescriptions, notes, etc at one place – systematically – so that whenever she requires the desired information, she can easily access it.

You can use an EHR to do all of this. Simply collate all your vital information and put in one EHR. So the next time you want to compare ultrasounds from your first and six months, or recollect the name of your 3rd month medication by seeing the prescription,, and so on,,, it will take just a couple of minutes.