Saturday, January 1, 2011

ACM forms a SIG on Health Informatics

From today, a new Special Interest Group has been formed by ACM on Health Informatics: SIGHIT that is concerned with the application of computing and information science principles and techniques, and information and communication technologies, to address issues in healthcare and the delivery of healthcare services as well as the related social and ethical issues. SIGHIT emphasizes the computing and information science-related aspects of health informatics and provides a forum for the creation, sharing, and management of knowledge and techniques as a strategic resource for improving the field of health informatics and its impact on people's lives.
I am fortunate to be the first Editor for its biennial Newsletter - SIGHIT Record that will be published every year in March and September.
Hoping to be enlightened on various health informatics activities that will ultimately help in changing our healthcare delivery systems for the better.


  1. Interesting, How will the publication be circulated?

  2. Health Informatics is the need of the hour...specially when it addresses the quality of delivery of healthcare services. Right step in right direction

  3. The inaugural issue will be available from 15th March at SIGHIT Record