Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hospital Management and Technology

Healthcare in India is a a fairly dis-organized sector. At the same time, it continues to receive a lukewarm support from government. As can be expected, a few private institutions have started playing a key role in bringing about much required transformation in this sector. And not very surprisingly, they are leveraging technology to bring about this transformation.

More and more doctors are preferring to play critical role in 'management' of the hospitals. They realize that just providing care to patients by right diagnosis is not enough. With growing incomes in India, patient demand for an 'experience' at hospitals is growing. It' not about the medical treatment alone - but how did the ward boy treat me, what kind of food was served to me, was my medical claim processed quickly, was my bill settlement done on time, did I receive the right kind of advise, what kind of doctors participate in a hospital, do I get my medical records when I get discharged.....all of this plays a factor in people' minds when they visit or get admitted to a hospital. All of this calls for a serious effort spent on 'management' of hospital and it' resources.

Hospital management are getting smarter. They realize that - Healthcare also has to be dealt with smartly. Smart use of technology can not only save money but also deliver better results to the patients - thereby giving them an 'experience'!!! After all, who does not want a happy customer!!!!

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  1. Apart from the usual care, patients seem to be looking for a 'WOW' factor,,, appropriate use of technology can certainly provide that.